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Healing Rooms Experimental format in the Sanctuary

Healing Rooms June 26, 2010

This was a

n awesome time this last week, riding on the en

d of a kingdom conference, the Saturday Healing rooms were full of faith and as a result the Holy Spirit h

ad a hay day.

It was an experimental format, normally there

is a soaking "encounter" room where guests wors

hip and engage before their number is called to come into the prayer room where they are individually

prayed for. This last week, because there were so many people, everyone was in the sanctuary an

d instead of the guests getting shuffled around the prayer servants mingled and prayed while the guests worshiped. I

painted onstage then traveled around doing prophetic characters. The first time I ev

er tried it. It was a lot fun and affective. I love the way the Holy Spirit speaks to people. The painting I saw during th

e pre prayer time and is called "Into His Presence". It is symbolic of the corporate

encounter that we entered into as a group. It was painted on the back of the canvas so the stretcher bars gave it the three dimensional feel of a portal or

a window.

The presence of God was so strong on Saturday! Here are the healing testimonies...

Many felt better, were relieved of pain and left lighter and freer.

Prayer Recipient Testimonies

Dave from the UK

Dave has had problems with his right leg for some time. It was painful when he drove, and he has had a lot of tension and pain for twelve years. Sometimes muscles mask something deeper. It is probably covering up a problem with his knee. He feels some restoration is going on. The tension and tightness are gone, and he feels heat.

Gardenia from Turlock

Gardenia has been praying to see gemstones, and she found three this week, one at the altar.

John from Richmond, WA

God went deep and John said he received a real release in his spirit about being God’s and that He wanted and willed him. He received much in the way of identity.

Sadie from Encinitas

Sadie said she was released from addiction and the attending pinched nerve in her neck. She is full of joy.

Dave from Ohio

Dave wanted prayer to have discouragement broken off of him. Two prayed for him and declared freedom over him. He feels awesome now. He has been playing guitar since he was 12 loudly, and he has a hard time hearing sometimes in a room like this (the busy Healing Rooms). A lady who had just gotten healed of hearing loss prayed for him. His ear has been plugged up for three months, and now it’s better. He felt something was going on, and then it opened up.

Diana from Kentucky

For ten years, Diana had an autoimmune disease that would manifest with sores in her mouth. The Lord revealed that way down deep she had given the enemy access because she thought she was punishable. She had pain in her knees when she would bend. (She’s on her feet all day because she is a hairdresser.) They called out a word of knowledge. They said she was an intercessor and it was an attack on her intercession. She has no more pain in her knees.

Roy from Fresno

Roy wrote that after Joaquin called out a word of knowledge for neck healing, his back pain was relieved and pain and numbness left. His neck is also feeling better.

Alyssa from Tustin Ranch

She has dealt with bipolar disorder for about 8 years. She really wanted to be set free and asked God who should pray for her. She walked in the room, and God told her to go to the far back corner. She saw a girl there with black hair, and God told her to sit by her. She overheard someone behind her praying for the girl behind her who is also called Alyssa and prayed, “I pray for clarity and confusion and cloudiness and depression to be gone.”

So Alyssa from Tustin Ranch received what the lady prayed for the other Alyssa, who was dealing with ADD.

The team then prayed for her hormones and chromosomes . As she received prayer, Alyssa got a picture of her mind in chains and Jesus breaking off the chains.

Heather from the UK

She was really encouraged. She soaked and talked to God about things she didn’t realize she needed to talk to him about. Women prayed for her and prophesied over her, and it was helpful for her. She wants to change direction in her work. The team didn’t know that and said whatever she put her hands to would prosper.

Pamela from OR

Pamela had an injury from a car accident a year ago and received laying on of hands for a stiff shoulder, which she can now lift up above where she couldn’t before. She felt lighter and freer.

Shirley from OR

Shirley’s random joint pain went from a level 9 to a level 2.

Nicholas from CA

The pain in Nicolas’ injured left toe has completely left.

Wenlan from GA

A man who came in for lung cancer in his lower right lobe, a tumor in his adrenal gland, depression and diabetes reported that the pain was at 60% before, but is now at 5 %.

Angela from CA

Angela suffers from allergies. The team prayed for the root cause to be gone, and she felt something come out of her right ear and felt a tingling.

Linda from OR

Linda had shoulder pain at level 5. They called out shoulder pain and prayed for her, and now it’s gone.

Shestine from CA

Shestine suffered from a neck injury from a car accident, blood pressure and back injury. Her neck loosened up, and her lower back loosened up as well. Her pain level was at 9, but now it’s completely gone.

Jan Willein from the Netherlands

Prostate problems and curves in spine and slipping disks. Prostate problem went during the time in Healing Rooms.

Wende from AZ

Wende came in with allergies and back injury; her pain was at a 6 before, and now it’s 0.

Ruthann from WA

Ruthann’s eyes were nearsighted. She couldn’t see 15 feet away; she had glasses but had lost them on the way here. She received prayer and felt heat and now can see from one end of the sanctuary to the other.

Laury from NH

Laury’s eye floaters and pinched muscles in the lower back were released after prayer.

Terry from WA

Terry had pain going down her left arm and burning on her skin. The pain has left. Her thyroid gland was completely inactive, and she left home without medication and has been without it for four days. She has no pain in her shoulder and felt fire and tingling in her mind.

Jack from CA

Jack had a neck injury, lower back pain, and a swollen gland in his neck. The pain in his neck and lower back has completely gone, and the gland in his neck has gone down to a normal size.

Cheryl from NZ

Cheryl wrote: “Some pain gone. Filled with joy.”

Dennis from NZ

Dennis requested prayer for post-medication trauma after treatment for hepatitis C infection. He wrote: “Pastor Gore prayed for the ‘shalom’ of God to touch the chaos in the cells of my body—a powerful description of my life for the last two years of pre-treatment and ___[?] I go in peace.”

Testimonies Shared from the Stage

A woman’s hip came into alignment as her leg grew.

A girl had partial hearing loss, and she said it’s totally better. Her hearing is now the same in that ear as the other ear.

A lady had lung cancer and pain in her chest. All the pain completely left her chest.

Prayer Servant Testimonies

The pressure and pain is gone from a woman’s uterus. Her faith was restored, and she received inner healing.

A lady feels love, and her knee pain reduced slightly.

The congestion in a woman’s nose began to break up, making it easier for her to breathe. Her hearing opened and her breathing is much better with air through her nose. Her blood clot is going down, and she has no more back pain.

A woman had three surgeries for detached retina and cataract and a small hole in the retina. The prayer servant wrote that her eyes were healed but did not specify what that looked like. The ringing in her ears diminished.

A woman had discomfort in her rib area (cause unknown), but now she doesn’t feel it anymore.

A man had a significant reduction in the ringing in his ears.

A person’s back pain and headache are gone.

A lady with aching feet feels 85-90% better. She received prayer for her legs to grow out and her left leg grew.

A lady’s left leg grew out and her back pain decreased much. She should normally turn inwards when standing, but now she is not. She has alignment.

A woman’s neck is feeling much better.

A man wanted to have the ability to smell and breathe through his nose again and he received some relief in it as well as joy and fire.

A man with lower back pain felt improvement in his back.

A girl felt the spirit of torment leave. She instantly felt joy and deliverance.

A man had a breakthrough in joy, and his shoulder was healed.

A lady’s shoulder felt better.

A woman has less sinus pressure.

A man’s big toe was causing him to limp, and now it’s healed. Stiffness in his joints is gone.

A woman’s elbow pain is 100% gone, and her neck is 90% better.

The team laughed at a woman’s headache and ear problems. Her headache left and her ear opened up.

Pain in a man’s hip, leg and arm is gone. He received peace and has learned how to encounter God and was grateful to see heaven opened.

A woman felt confidence and faith rise and the power of God.

A woman wrote that she felt she received release from the weight she had carried spiritually.

A woman felt lessening of pain in her hips and lower back.

A woman with tendonitis in her right elbow with a pain level of 6 left with her pain level down to 1.

A man with high blood pressure and arthritis came in with level 10 pain and left with it at 1.

A woman with back out of alignment had the pain in her shoulder and back completely go.

After prayer the pressure in a woman’s painful ankle completely left.

A man came in with right rotator cuff pain, left hip pain and lower back pain. His shoulder was healed before receiving prayer, and his hip and back pain left.

A woman’s knee pain decreased.

Pain in a woman’s shoulder lessened.

Color returned to the skin of a man with cystic fibrosis and a metabolic disorder.

A woman with residual auto-immune disease, a non-cancerous tumor and knee and hip problems can now kneel and experienced heat in the knee and area of the tumor.

A woman’s lazy eye straightened up. She could sense God shifting things, and it felt different. She had joy.

The bone spur on a woman’s foot went from a pain level 3 to 1. Her blood blister is 25% better.

A woman was totally freed of back pain and experienced freedom, deliverance and joy.

All pain left a woman with knee and shoulder rotator cuff problems.

A woman received 100% healing from painful tendonitis.

A man experienced about 60% healing from the pain in his knees.

A man with a problem in his spinal discs had no more pain.

A woman’s nausea was much relieved.

A woman with plantar fasciitis said her feet felt awesome and she would test them out throughout the day.

A person’s problems from a bike accident (bruised shoulder, muscles, bone) were 25% better. No specifics as to which problems were 25% better.

A man who requested prayer for varicose veins, ringing in the ears and an undisclosed back problem reported having received 80% of his hearing back and the ringing almost gone. He also wrote that his veins are getting smaller.

The pain in a man’s shoulder reduced.

A man’s back is a lot better. All muscle tension is gone.

The team broke a curse off of a woman, and she felt it leaving.

A man’s shoulder, hip and back were healed even before he received prayer. He came for prayer for all those things and for gout. The healing of his foot has begun.

A woman’s back pain was 100% healed and her teeth are 75% better.

A lady’s legs felt stronger and her breathing was easier.

A lady received emotional healing and freedom from past hurts.

A man in Canada with major back pain that had him bedridden was phoned and felt tingling, and his back is 80% better.

A woman was totally healed of back and hip pain.

A woman’s nasal passages are clearer.

Pain left a woman’s neck and leg, and her elbow is 95% healed.

A woman received emotional breakthrough and was drunk in the Spirit for the first time.

The swelling in a man’s disc went down, and he had 50% breakthrough in his back and knee.

A woman said she was healed of a lump in her throat that had been there for four months.

Pain in a woman’s tooth decreased.

A lady’s knee pain is almost gone.

A man’s back, neck and hip are significantly better.

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