Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Prophecy and Pioneering

Tonight I was contemplating the aspect of the prophetic that requires us to carry promises that there is not yet honor for... Sometimes it means walking in things the world has never seen, giving language to the God deposits we find in people, planting promises another generation will reap the benefits of by testifying to what we can see and speaking the future into existence. I was also thinking about how pioneers can be equally misunderstood because they see things others cannot see and for the sake of vision, they go where others are not willing to leave their comfort zones to go. They do things first in faith and in so doing forge trails and chart a paths on foot that others one day will travel on in cars. The inheritance we freely enjoy and take for granted we owe to those who were willing to take risks. They stepped out in faith even when they could only see in part and at times looked foolish to others. To the pioneers and visionaries, thank you for not letting the voices of criticism and intimidation quite the One inside you leading you on, and the fear of the unknown confine you to mediocrity. May I also have the patience to hold onto promises that will one day transform the world around me and the courage to be a trail blazer that does not settle for what has been but presses forward into what can be. I hope that you too embrace all that God has for you, because the grace needed for the journey has already been supplied, the treasures you find in people are priceless, and the end is always glorious whether it be in this life or the next.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Testimonies from my last week in Bethel Healing rooms

I painted this three weeks ago in the healing rooms Aug 2010. That day I felt like the Lord was saying I love you with a bouquet of flowers. When God shows me beautiful things sometimes he is just saying I love you. He loves you more than you could ever know or realize. He wants to share with you his secrets and tell you how precious you really are to Him. The smile on his face is because He is thinking about you!

Today I really enjoyed laughing with him this last week over sick people. I didn't even know what was wrong with them at the time. They started laughing too and got healed! I had so much fun- I think heaven will close to what I experienced today. Praise Jesus. God is so good and loves us so much : )

Healing Rooms September 4, 2010

Prayer Recipient Testimonies

Twenty-five years ago, George had a powerful visitation. After he prayed for a boy for eight hours, nothing happened. George and his wife Linda lost confidence in how God was working.

George came down to the Hem of His Garment five weeks ago. While he was on the ground, he asked God to restore Linda's confidence because 25 years ago, George and Linda thought he looked like an idiot when he prayed for the boy. God said, "You pray for Linda. I'll heal her lupus." George said, "That would do it, Lord." He went home and prayed for her, and they knew she was healed. As he prayed for her, Linda rocked like a baby. She had no control over her body. She went for a blood test. The test came back, and the doctor said she was perfect. There was no lupus. The doctor said, "I have never seen this before. It must have gone into remission." But it's not "remission"; she is healed!

George is starting the school of ministry next week.

For years when she has stood for five plus minutes Linda has had excruciating lower back pain. She was feeling a cooling sensation on her back. As she shared that testimony, a young man taking testimonies prayed for her leg to grew out, and it grew out a half inch. Then George's leg grew out, too. He said he felt the muscles stretch.

Ron from Maple Valley, WA

Ron came in with a knee problem. He had a torn meniscus. God started healing him in the Encounter Room. He asked for a complete restoration of the meniscus even what was surgically removed two years ago. The knee feels good.

*His son got healed last December. A few years ago he had leukemia. In December, his blood count started going down. It went to 900. If it kept going down, he would need a bone marrow drawing to see if it was back. He had been free for three years. They came for prayer at the Healing Rooms here and had his blood checked the Monday after that. His ANC counts were up over 2200, which is normal. It went from 900 to 2200 in three days. He's six years old now. God is also healing him of Downs's Syndrome.

*Alicia from Kingsburg

Alicia was depressed about her children's problems, such as drug addiction. She came in for prayer for them. She did not mention the physical needs she such as the scar tissue on the back of her neck from surgery a couple of years ago and the pain in the lower part of her back and stomach from other surgeries. But the prayer servant put her hands on Alicia's neck and head. She also laid hands on her stomach. Alicia's pain is all gone and so is the scar tissue! She testified that she feels renewed in her spirit.

Her husband didn't ask for prayer for his own body, either, but his back feels lots better.

*Jill from Klamath Falls

The pain left Jill's body, and she can take really deep breaths, whereas she couldn't before. She has had chronic pain for a couple of years most of the time. It's gone. It fell off. She had asthma a couple of years ago, too. Now she can breathe deeply. She did not accept that she had asthma even though the doctor said she did. She told him to stop saying it. He said, "OK, you have asthma symptoms." She received prayer for tinnitus also, and her ears are better. She said, "It feel feels 'sweet' in my ears."

*Rose from Bay Area

Young Rose had a shoulder injury, and her neck hurt really badly for four months. She couldn't lift her left arm above her shoulder. Now she can raise it high. Her parents are here, and they just cried.

*Libby and Paul from NZ

Someone gave a word of knowledge for ear problems. Libby had vertigo, and she got up and danced for five minutes and it just went. She was also released from stress as she laughed at the enemy's attempts to hurt her and her husband.

Paul had wrists worn out, and they improved a lot. In the Healing Rooms they were ministered to a lot and received confirming and encouraging words of knowledge.

*Beverly from Winnepeg

An 8-year-old called out a word of knowledge for legs or knees. Beverly stood up and tested her knees; all pain and soreness were gone. She had had that for 10 days because she had climbed a mountain.

She and her husband also asked for prayer for their eyesight. A prayer servant prayed for their eyes, and she sees a little improvement. They are getting better so she is not wearing her contacts. In fact, she threw them in the garbage. She has on and off issues with ear infections. Her left ear wasn't hurting until she heard that word of knowledge for ears. Then she felt a sharp pain, and it left. So she knows she's healed.

*Aaron from Ontario

Aaron was receiving prayer and had not mentioned that he had been poisoned by ethylene glycol, which damaged his kidneys nine months ago. Then he had an oil leak in his car that aggravated the problem. So he had edema in the feet and ankles for about two months now and kidney pain. He didn't put it on his sheet. The guy was praying for him and put his hand right where he had been kicked and put his hand by his kidneys and made a symbolic pulling motion several times, and Aaron's pain went away. Afterwards, he looked down at his feet and realized the edema was gone. He was really rejoicing.

David from Kingsburg

David believes the Lord has healed him. His experience was wonderful. The Lord really touched him, and he doesn't quite remember what happened. He said he's ready to go face the world.

Sheri from Maine

Sheri's ankle feels better after the word of knowledge for ankles and heels and after receiving prayer. She had plantar fasciitis.

Shelley from Klamath Falls

Shelley felt fear broken off from her mind.

Vesna from Arizona

Vesna came with lots of pain and overall weakness all over her body and fatigue that she has had for a year. She had lots of liver pain. Last night she was at the watch and felt a super warmth all over her body and woke up without pain. She asked the Lord to show her what was keeping her from healing. Today in the Healing Rooms the prayer servants identified some of the roots. She felt like that was an answer to her prayer. Today she has a Sozo to complete what God has been doing in her life.

Joanne from Brazil

Her friend was healed. She had a problem in her knee, a torn meniscus. She had pain and she has no pain now.

A young woman testified that she felt very edified. The Lord confirmed a lot of things He's been speaking to her. She's been chasing after her image in Him. She wanted breakthrough against fear of man. She also had a confirmation of the gift of healing that she has.

Dawn from Redding

Dawn is being healed progressively of hypothyroidism that she has had since she was a child and for which she has taken medicine for years. She has not been taking it for a month. Something the Lord showed her in an encounter also came out as she was receiving prayer at the Healing Rooms. This revelation brought release to make more room for the healing, which is progressing.

Prayer Servant Reports

*A man wanted prayer for his stuttering and psoriasis. He was baptized in the Holy Spirit, and joy, love, and his true identity were released. He started off with a major stutter. By the end of the prayer, he was speaking clearly.

*A man had restless, chronic pain in his body that never goes away. He went through an encounter and forgiveness in the Encounter Room, and now all pain is gone!

A woman no longer feels any fluttering in her heart, which she has felt since giving birth a week ago.

A lady's faith for healing was restored.

A woman's eczema was much better.

A woman came in for hearing loss among other things. Her hearing was much better after she received prayer, and she was excited about what God is doing in her life.

A woman had had two spinal surgeries and her spine was stiff. All stiffness and fatigue left. She was anointed with joy. She felt glory come from her head down her spine. She felt her spine being strengthened and elongated. She said she felt better.

A man could feel the presence of God really strongly. The Lord was releasing his tears. He gave the weight of pain and hopelessness to Jesus.

A man was first filled in the Encounter Room, and God filled him again when they prayed for him and his family.

A woman came in for prayer for fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and depression. All guilt and shame from past participation in wicka were released, and all her pain left.

A young man forgave his parents and girlfriends. Soul ties were broken off him, and he received prophetic words and the Father's blessing. His eye was still swollen but no longer hurt. But all swelling was gone from the spider bites that had caused swelling an inch out.

A lady's scalp cysts/sebeous cysts diminished by 20%, and she is confident they will go away. She laughed at the enemy.

One of the people whose leg grew out today can now bend over more than he could do before. He is a teen who came for prayer for scoliosis and fear.

A sprained wrist is healed. It is now moveable and pain free.

A lady's hearing is better.

In addition to what was written above, these were reported:

Baptism of the Holy Spirit




Born Again today






Falling out under the power


Feels better


Feels lighter


Forgave someone/self


Freedom or Relief


Generational curses


Heat or warmth


Hope or Encouragement




Inner Healing




Pain Reduction (COMPLETE)


Pain Reduction (some)




Presence of God


Prophetic word




Touched by God/whacked


Mother's blessing


Leg lengthened