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Healing Rooms May 29, 2010

It seems that a higher than usual number of people received prayer today for head trauma or memory issues caused by accidents. Also, quite a number had depression or other oppressive emotional problems and received freedom and joy. Several people fell down under the Lord’s power. Some had encounters. Folks left encouraged and joyful. The word for the day continues to be hope in Jesus!

Prayer Recipient Testimonies

Aaron from Canada

Aaron’s back feels better, and so does his lung. It’s easier for him to breathe. He feels that God is healing his brain trauma injury as he can feel Him touching his head.

Bob from Tacoma

He has had a chronic congenital back problem for decades. As he has gotten older, the arthritis has gotten worse. He had a lot of disc degeneration from a scoliosis problem. His back and legs are aligned now, and his back is healed. He is exuberant and plans to go play golf and ride his bike.

Connie from Nashville

She had a bad finger injury. She couldn’t bend her finger, and her knee was injured three or four weeks ago. Her knee is much better. Her finger is healed. She could only partially bend it before, and now she can completely, and it is no longer very painful. It is pain free.

Rodrigo from Brazil

He received prayer for his back and neck pain. He had five bulged discs and arthritis. He was feeling pain, but it is gone now.

Bonnie from Roseburg, OR

She came in for low energy and fatigue. She is going to walk in faith, victory and freedom. She’s encouraged.

Cece from Roseburg, OR

She had shin splints from cheerleading, and they are healed. They don’t hurt and she was able to walk around. She felt a pulling, and Ellie told her to walk. Then it loosened like a pop of a water balloon.

Juana from Ventura

She’s had arthritis in her hip and in her left leg for about 25 years. The cartilage was gone between her bones, but in Southern Cal, she received cartilage in the prayer room. She came here to have it finished so she could be free from her pain. Her movement was restricted, and her knee was hurting her. It was like numb. In the Encounter Room, the Lord was shifting the structure of her bones. It was like it was misaligned. Then it felt better. She was able to run after that whereas this morning she was stiff. The problem in her leg went. She doesn’t have it anymore. She was jumping up and down. Her knee and lower back are free of pain. She came also for her tooth. Something bad was happening in the roots or something. The Lord was working in it; she could feel something was happening in her mouth. She couldn’t see to read without her glasses. Now she can read big letters without them. Before she couldn’t even see the letters without her glasses. She is full of joy because Jesus is so amazing, and she loves Him very much and all the wonderful things he brings to her life.

Anthony from Redding

A child, Anthony wanted to testify that God has really helped him get through his dad’s MS.

Anna from Mapleton, OR

She had some shoulder pain since yesterday morning, and it went away and she can lift her arm without it hurting. Also, God somehow healed her broken heart.

Also, she was baptized in the Holy Spirit. She said, “I’m just so full!”

Tim from Mapleton, OR

They prayed for his lower back. His right leg was shorter than his left one. Last night at home group some people prayed for that and he saw it lengthen. He got prayer for back pain caused by that, and it’s a lot better now.

Jennifer from Virginia

She wanted complete healing for the veins in her legs that have been aching. She is trusting God that they are healed. She felt a difference on Thursday. She feels He is working on it. During the conference she has been painting pictures and giving them away. She wanted to get prayer for a man in her church with stage 4 lung cancer. God wants her to give a piece of her artwork to him for healing. She believes God wants to use her artwork to heal people.

Tiffany from Gresham, OR

Before coming here, she felt God would release healing to her. She has longed to walk in the miraculous. That’s what the prayer team got before she even told them. They prayed for an impartation of the healing anointing. They told her to pray with victory. She learned to pray from the throne room looking down.

Lauri from Melbourne Beach, FL

They prayed for her knees that were injured two weeks ago climbing lots of steps in Shasta Caverns. She’s been in pain ever since. Now the pain is gone.

Cheryl from Redding

The Lord restored her hearing today. She was born at six months and two weeks. Her bones never connected, so she had a loss. She had about 90% hearing loss in one ear. The Lord put that together. The Lord took her back to that moment and sang over her and laughed with her and her hearing is totally better.

She is a missionary pastor.

Leticia from Redding (Mexico originally)

Her body doesn’t hurt anymore. Her arm hurt and her feet, knees and right ankle. She was in a crash a long time ago, and she thinks it’s from that. She has no pain now.

Ariel from Orange County

She was pigeon toed when she was a child. They tried to align her feet with special shoes. Recently a bone on the bottom of her foot was sticking out every time she walked. They prayed and there is no more pain. She’s 17.

Shirley from Vancouver Island

She started worshiping in the Encounter Room. She loves music. A woman with white hair came over and spoke Ephesians 3:16 to 20 over Shirley. That’s her favorite verse, the one she wants on her tombstone. She said, “Believe it.”

As Shirley squeezed her hand, a feeling of release came over her, and tension came out of her. The lady covered her in a purple royal robe. As she lay there, Shirley’s mind came into complete rest. She stayed there until her number was called, 30 minutes. When she came here, she wanted prayer for insomnia and for both her children to be free from bipolar disorder. They prayed over her and spoke truth from the Scripture. The women were affirming confidence in the word and gave her that Scripture in Timothy not to fear. She feels fortified. It was reclaiming their health and renewing her mind.

Michael from Vancouver Island

At the art school, God was showing him how he can work through things besides people. He received prayer for trust, receiving and rest. He feels definitely that he received. He fell in the Spirit. He felt like a wave of God’s peace, which seemed to overcome anything that was on him. Whatever it was, it’s gone.

Ray from Spokane

One of his legs grew out, relieving pain and pressure in his lower back and shoulder. And they prayed against the recurring migraines that he had in the past. It was like a heavy cap being lifted right off his head.

Mark from Lebanon, OR

He came for prayer for injuries from a 1988 auto accident: severe head trauma, lots of broken bones and injuries that had developed into arthritic symptoms. The whole left side of his head was caved in, and he broke his back and jaw. God has healed so much of that already. He came in for the residual things. God has removed the metal plate in his ear. Damage to his ear kept him from hearing, and God healed that so he could be fitted with a special hearing aid to even hear. He had to have an MRI because they thought he had a brain tumor. He has the X-rays that show the metal plate and the ones that say there is no metal plate. The memory and the struggle with that are a combination of age and trauma, he feels. Also, while wrestling with his grandson, he broke his bursa sack three months ago. The fluid came two months later. He felt a slight wave go down his arm tingling. He feels like God is showing him that he is touching him.

Kim from L.A.

Kim’s shoulder muscles hurt for a week or two, and now they don’t.

Cindy from Ukiah

Cindy came with appreciating pain in every part of her body from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. She could hardly move it hurt so badly. All that pain is gone. One of her hips was out, and her left leg grew out. Her right arm grew out as well. She feels like she became aligned. Also, she had no clarity before, and now she has mental clarity.

Christine from Redding

She has had a lot of things going on on the left side of her head, shooting pains and memory problems. She felt today like He took it all back. She had seen her life like a waterfall going over the edge. And the Lord dried up the land and drew that back, and then water of life from the throne room replaced it. The prayer servants ran around her in circles and even with eyes closed she could see that. It was like going back in time. It was like He was healing her past. (She has had trauma.) She feels free.

Snizhana from the Ukraine

She was diagnosed with depression and manic syndrome. She takes medicine for depression. She didn’t take it today. Today God gave her peace and joy. She had a stomachache today because she has had a problem with her stomach for a month, but it is gone now.

Prayer Servant Reports

Someone’s knee and ankle pain is gone.

A woman received prayer for a joint in her thumb and skin on her back (not clear what was wrong) and following prayer and floor time with Jesus, she was healed (we don’t know of what).

A man received improvement in his lung.

A lady with pain in her neck and shoulder was touched by God. She received prayer and soaked in God’s presence for several minutes and now is pain free.

A young man was healed of back pain.

A man’s right shoulder was healed.

Sight in the right eye of someone with partial blindness was better.

A woman suffering from Guillain-Barré came in for nerve recovery and improvement in her balance and vision. The numbness in her face, arms, legs and back decreased by 50%. Her balance returned 50% and her double vision decreased by 50%. Her voice became stronger, and she began walking without assistance and left happy.

A discouraged pastor with pain in his shoulder received prayer against the pain and for the joy of the Lord, and his shoulder pain went from an 8 to a 3.

A lady simply needed confirmation of who she is in Jesus, so the team prayed for her physical problems and depression. She felt rejuvenated and joyful.

After the team prayed to break off the attack of the enemy, a lady spent 20 minutes on the floor with the Lord and had a vision of many angels.

A lady felt lightning bolts go through her, and said she was totally transformed.

A man with hearing loss among other things said he felt better and that his ears had opened.

A lady with sinus problems and allergies felt better before even receiving prayer. She can breathe much more freely, and her head feels clear.

A lady’s neck pain left, and she felt some release.

The team walked a lady through forgiveness and inner healing. After she received prayer for her wrist, hip and shoulder pain, all the pain was gone.

A pain in a woman’s mouth lessened.

A man who came in for prayer for depression left lighter and looking different. He had hope and seemed to be free of his depression.

A man’s ankle pain and tightness are gone. He has more flexibility and less pain in his shoulder.

A woman had a breakthrough in hope and identity.

A lady received heat in her shoulder and felt less pain in her back. She was filled with joy.

The prayer servant broke off curses from the tattoos of a man with MS and immediately the numbness in the man’s arms and legs left.

A man being pursued by some men on drugs was freed from a spirit of fear and received breakthrough and holy laughter.

A woman’s vision improved substantially, and her knee, back and teeth pain is completely gone.

All the level 6 pain on a woman’s back and ankles is gone.

A woman received emotional healing and deliverance from the trauma of her youth.

A man’s trigger thumb that would not straighten straightened after prayer almost like the other thumb.

A woman received spiritual healing.

A woman had an encounter with the Lord and felt her hearing improve with less ringing.

A young woman had a vision of Jesus breaking chains.

A woman was delivered from a spirit of affliction and all the pain in her knee and back left as well.

A woman received partial healing in her deaf ear following some uprooting of unforgiveness and depression.

Someone’s migraine was being relieved while the person received prayer.

The level 8 pain of a woman with rheumatoid arthritis left.

A woman’s back, arm, neck and mouth feel better (no pain) after she was led through a mini-sozo/breakthrough prayer for mental and physical healing.

A man’s leg grew out a half inch, and his eyesight improved by 25%.

A man and his family came because they have generational mental illness of depression and anxiety. The woman (his wife?) saw a vision of many bottles of wine coming through towards her. She believes that they signify future generations of joy.

A woman’s wrist pain is gone, and overall she felt better.

A man received a very encouraging (inner) picture from the Lord in the Encounter Room.

A man’s back pain went from 4 to 0. His left leg grew out, and he felt fire running through his body.

Both of one man’s rotator cuffs were torn. Following prayer, he has no pain. He has full use of his left shoulder.

A woman experienced the removal of roots of affliction in her mind and spirit.


A woman with headache, sore throat and congestion received a complete, instant healing. Her congestion immediately left. Her sore throat was gone, and so was her headache.

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