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Healing Rooms Testimonies- July 10

Healing Rooms—July 10, 2010

Besides the healings recorded below, there were 26 reported cases of complete healing of pain and 21 of pain reduction. Twenty people left with peace and 20 with hope, and 15 felt freedom or relief. Fifteen received a prophetic word and 15 experienced the presence of God. Those numbers just indicate what the prayer servants reported. Much more happened during and after the prayer than we may ever know. Twelve were touched by God, six received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, several fell out under God’s power, and six had legs grow out. Nine forgave themselves or others, and a few received a new understanding of their identity or were reconnected to the Father.

Prayer Recipient Testimonies

Erico from Richmond

Erico is a professional athlete, and he sprained his ankle a week before a World Campionship tournament of jujitsu on his birthday, for which he had been training for months. The damage was in three spots and he had also damaged ligaments. The doctor said it would take six months to heal. It has been only a month. He can jump really high with no problem, which he demonstrated with ecstatic joy. He left with exuberant gratitude and a perfectly healed ankle.

Meg from Vancouver, BC

Meg had a right leg that was shorter and that had caused scoliosis. Her leg grew out. They prayed for her spine to relax. She said, “It sound’s so simple, but it is so amazing.” Last year she came here, and they prayed for her regarding SAD (seasonal affective disorder) which caused clinical depression for which she was on meds, and she experienced none this year. Her radiant face was the picture of joy!

Caleb from Washington

Caleb wanted prayer for complete breakthrough from fear. From the time Caleb was three when at his gradmother’s house he saw a dark figure walk from someone’s room and stare at him, he has been afraid of the dark. He would wake up at night, and still see the figure and scream. It was hard to sleep. In January, he said, “God that is not part of me. You did not give that to me.” He hasn’t seen that since. He has been seeing the Lord in his sleep now. He quit watching movies with darkness. He used to like those. After that, he went to a conference. He used to be too scared to step out. He prayed he could worship with the angels, and after one of the songs, he opened his eyes and was able to see angels. Ever since he got rid of darkness, he has been able to see light. As he was praying with someone today, the prayer servant spoke to little Caleb (Caleb when he was a child) to say it was not part of him. Caleb was able to see himself as a little kid with Jesus appearing in front of him, and he saw the thing of darkness come and stopped and couldn’t look at Jesus and went away. The prayer servant said, “Go back to where you came from.” Now Caleb (who is 16) knows he doesn’t have to use his humor to cover up the spirit of fear anymore. He will use it for Jesus. Before this time, someone prophesied that he would go into the world and speak to others using creativity. He said he had the mouth of a prophet to prophesy. Tomorrow night he and a friend are giving a word about light and darkness at his church.

Sheldon from Redding

Up to a week ago, Sheldon was lost. He is not sure what you call it, but God set an opportunity for him to do some home thinking time by himself. God ministered to him. He had had a panic attack for the first time in a while. He found a Bible and it started a whirlwind. He had visions of what he is supposed to be doing. The last week has been the most beautiful week he has had. God “ambushed” him unbelievably. He just talked to God all week. Everything has changed. He had neck and back problems for which he just received prayer, and right now he says he “feels like a million dollars.” Also his leg grew out to match the other. God gave him a vision and changed his whole direction. He has had His presence before but not like this. He was really down and gave himself completely to God. Every day is a new experience.

Michelle from Wisconsin

Michelle came for prayer for the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis. When the prayer servant prayed for her broken heart, Michelle saw a picture of the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. She saw a picture of an oil can opening that turned into an IV drip that kept dripping through her body. Michelle was lying on the floor experiencing that, and it was a delightful feeling. Her joints, neck were stuck. She feels very “oozy and warm and wonderful.”

Ellen from Texas

Ellen had some problems with the right side of her body. The prayer servant said there might be something in her church that is not in complete alignment and unity, and that rang a bell. There are, in fact, problems in her church that are concerning her. They prayed for her finger that was numb. Her foot was painful when bent back and now it’s 80% better. She couldn’t put pressure on the palm of her hand. She is feeling better. Her hand can stand pressure now, and her finger is no longer numb.

Tom from Texas

They prayed for Tom’s tinnitis, and he is hearing more clearly. It’s still there a little, but he hears better. He has emphasema, but he is breathing more easily. It started today when he took communion with his wife; he began then to breathe more easily. He has a real peace right now.

Jennifer from Oregon

When she came in, she had severe knee pain. She had a baker’s cyst behind her knee the size of a golf ball and a torn meniscus in her left knee. Every time she stood up or sat down, she had horrible pain. It’s 80% better. She can get up without pain. The cyst is smaller, and she doesn’t even know if it’s there. She had a brain tumor, so she received prayer for her brain, too. Her shoulder is better, too (torn rotator cuff) even though she didn’t receive prayer for it.

Liberty from Washington

She had very bad eyesight. Now she can see at least 50% better. She couldn’t read an exit sign five feet away. Now she can.

Larry from Washington

He had a hip injury from an accident. He was running in the rain and went over a cattle gate and it came off the hinges and his left leg went underneathe and he fell back on it and injured his hip. He received prayer for it elsewhere six months ago, and he had a lot more mobility, but the pain shifted into his lower back, and that pain is gone today. He couldn’t even lift his leg up to get in the car on the passenger side. He can lift his leg now.

Dean from Washington

His hearing is better. He is having a progressive healing.

Randall from Washington

Randall was in the Encounter Room cross-legged on the floor for a half hour. He got up without numbness, which he would normally have had after that, as he says, “at his age.” The stiffness in his neck and shoulder from an injury he had last fall is gone after prayer. The “crunching” sound inside his neck is gone.

Ron from Washington

Ron couldn’t get to the chiropractor on Tuesday. Wednesday the chiropractor said it would be a miracle if he could drive to Redding the 10-hour drive from Tacoma. He made it down with a lot of pain in his back. He could barely get up before, but demonstrated that he could now easily stand up after prayer. His back was out all the time. It went out Saturday. He got stuck in his car one day. His chiropractor is a believer who has only seen one miracle. It will be fun for the chiropractoer to hear his testimony.

Natalie from Sacramento

Natalie came for prayer for MS, weakness in her hands, and lower back pain. Right now her hands feel good; there is no weakness, and her back is not tight anymore.

Nela from Red Bluff

Nela said she was really blessed and felt His presence and felt unforgiveness toward herself lifted off and had peace.

Ray from Oregon

Ray has been dealing with depression since he got his cancer diagnosis. They want him to do chemo and other things. He came expecting God to touch him and his wife. He asked God in the Encounter Room for a fleece about whether to do chemo. God showed him his walk needs to be more righteous. He gave him three areas to work on. He felt like the Lord said that he would not need chemo. When the prayer servant prayed for him, his energy level went through the roof. That was the fleece: that we would have energy.

Sharen from Anderson

Sharen battles pancreatic cancer. She has no more pain in the pancreas or back and believes she has no more cancer.

Carol from Cottonwood

Carol had constant pain in her back and legs (post polio syndrome) since 2007. The pain is gone.

Adriana from Redding

Adriana felt a difference in her back. The worry is gone. The Lord touched her back and the pain is gone.

She was healed of bipolar disorder two months ago. She stopped taking medicine two months ago. The Lord healed her, and she feels great. She lost 20 pounds in the first month after she stopped the meds because the medicine made her gain weight. She got sick when she was 16 and was hospitalized for a month. She moved to the US from Romania when she was 12. The Lord spoke to her today and said He cares and that she is not alone.

Joseph from Sacramento

Joseph had a herniated disc in his back, and he received prayer and his leg is hot right now. His back feels better. He is feeling really good.

Rita from Oregon

Rita’s wrists were healed. There is no more pain.

Wendy from Washington

Wendy feels light as a feather. Her tennis elbow is healed. She is a flight attendant, so that’s really important to her.

Prayer Servant Reports

The spur in a woman’s hand was 80% healed.

The lump in a man’s breast dissolved by 50%.

A woman with constant pain from Lyme’s disease no longer has any pain. She can move her hands easily.

A young man received 70% improvement in his eyesight.

A man was healed of tinnitis and a retinal problem in his eye when a prayer servant walked past him.

A woman had restored mobility in her shoulders and no more speech impediment. She had a slight lisp but no longer does. She also received full healing on the right side of her body that had no feeling because of an accident.

A man said 70% of the ringing in his ears stopped.

A woman’s numbness on her left side that she had had for 20 years was 75% better.

A woman’s varicose veins looked improved.

A woman’s vision is much better than when she came in. It had been fuzzy.

A man had a picture that helped him receive.

A woman’s neck stopped clicking.

A woman has no unusual spasms anymore, and she is feeling extremely peaceful and encouraged.

A mildly autistic child was touched by God and was calmer and seemed to have improvement in his hearing after receiving prayer.

A woman who came in with nausea is now hungry for food.

A woman felt clearness in her lungs and sinuses after dropping to the ground in joy.

A young man had autism and cerebral palsy. His hamstrings were shortened from the cerebral palsy and he felt heat in his legs. He heard a song in his head and the prayer servant believes that was Jesus healing the autism.

A pregnant lady came for bleeding and she had miscarried in the past so she wanted to embrace the pregnancy and not be afraid. After prayer, she was feeling great and was beginning to embracy the baby. The prayer servance wrote that she had no bleeding since the last time (Testimony writer is not sure what “last time” means).

Alignment came into a man’s hands and shoulders as his hands and shoulders grew out. ??? [Note: the testimony writer did not understand what was meant by his “hands” and “shoulders” grew out. Did you mean “arms”? If you wrote that testimony and have further explanation, please let us know. Thanks.]

A woman felt decreased pain and increased mobility on her neck and back.

A man’s neck and shoulder muscles were looser after prayer, and he left with a smile.

A lady’s eyesight improved.

A woman with glaucoma, diabetes and high blood pressure came in with bloodshot eyes (she couldn’t find her eyedrops this morning). After receiving prayer, her eyes cleared up and the pain in them was almost gone. She fell out under the power of the Holy Spirit and remained on the floor for 30 minutes, after which she felt great!

A woman was slain in the Spirit and she felt her neck popping and her muscles relaxing. Her pain left.

A man with IBS, asthma and weight problems got “drunk” in the Spirit, received peace, could breathe more easily and lost a belt size.

A woman’s eyesight improved by 50%.

A teen with allergies, sinus problems and lots of other issues, fell over, had an encounter with Jesus and had his sinuses clear up.

A young man with bipolar disorder, depression, stress and anxiety felt his heart loosen up as he received prayer for depression.

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