Sunday, April 18, 2010


"Falling into Grace"- I called it this because though at times we may feel like we have committed the unforgivable sin, no pit is so deep that God is not there. After all, while we were dead in sin Christ died for us, conquering sin and death, paying the ransom for our debt. The red on the end of the leaf represents the shedding of His blood and the effects of this redeeming reversing force that brings life.

This was prophetic art for two worship leaders in the healing rooms at Bethel. One came to our house one evening to practice. The words are what he releases as he worships on his guitar. 81/2 x 11" Mixed Media on 120lb Watercolor Paper. The other is a collage created in the healing rooms for Damaris who also leads worship on Saturdays.

"The Messenger" 48x22"Acrylic on three canvases (triptych)

"Intercession" 24x36
Is painted with metallic acrylics that change in hue as the sunlight in the room transitions through out the day. In direct light Jesus holding the world is visible and the painting takes on silver and blue hues while in indirect light Jesus fades into a glory cloudy of golden orange.
Hebrews 7:22-25

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