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A day in the Healing Rooms

Jessica recently joined the prayer team for the healing rooms. For those thinking about visiting Bethel, the healing rooms is a treat you will not want to miss!

Time: The Healing Rooms are open every Saturday from 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM. Appointments are not necessary, but those in need of prayer must arrive before 10:30 AM.

Location: The Healing Rooms are located inside Bethel Church. From the North Lobby (where the HeBrews coffee shop resides) proceed to the East Room, the first room on the right past the bookstore. Visit our page for more details.

Cost: Ministry in the Healing Rooms is provided at no cost.

The Healing Rooms Ministry is not equipped to minister to those seeking emotional healing, deliverance or prophetic ministry.We recommend that those interested in this type of ministry contact the church offices at 530-246-6000 or email Bethel’s Transformation Center, which ministers to those in need of inner healing, works by appointment and can take several weeks so please plan ahead. (This is also amazing!! Sozo ministry is definitely worth it!)

Accomodations: Family and Friends are welcome to stay with us in our guest room. To those stopping by our blog Elizabeth or George Tellez or (530) 222-7695 also offers free accommodations, but gladly accepts donations too. For this options please give as much advance notice for dates of interest as possible. For other accommodation options, please visit page. For general inquiries about Bethel's Healing Rooms, please call 530-246-6000.

Hear are the reported testimonies for the Healing Rooms April 17, 2010

Many received a reduction in or freedom from pain. Others received prophetic words and encouragement. Many left with hope and joy as they experienced the presence of the Lord in a powerful way.

Desiree from So Cal

She had pain on her left side for a few days from her head down to her neck. The neck problem started yesterday. It was painful to lift her arm. Now she can and all the pain is gone. She had had frequent headaches and her headache is gone, too.

Linda from Vacaville

Her main prayer request was for symptoms of shakiness and chronic fatigue and she has had hip pain for a long time but it’s been intense lately. Since they prayed for her, the hip pain is 90% gone. She fell really hard and injured herself five years ago. All these stressors happened at the same time and she got those problems.

Wendy from Washington State

They prayed for her for Epstein Bar virus, which is not something that can be tested right away. She has had scoliosis and they prayed for her and some of the pain is gone and she is believing for 100%.

Dawn from Iowa

She had numbness in her hand for a while. She is a massage therapist. Her cervical spine is curving in the wrong way. When they were praying for her, they asked God to do an adjustment because her arm length was off a half inch. Her hands are now even. She heard some popping in her neck. She has tingling in her hands, which is a good sign.

Dino from Santa Clara

His wife and he came in Thursday for a Sozo. He had acid reflux and a lot of fatigue. He feels more lifted and energetic. Lies of the enemy have been revealed this weekend. He feels more of a lightness and energy.

He doesn’t feel the reflux right now and he’ll know better after he eats. He has had fatigue for 8 years and he doesn’t have it. He feels it was spiritual because it came on when he came to the Lord.

Mike from Reno

His leg grew around half an inch.

Justin from Lebanon, OR

Asked if he had a testimony, Justin said, “I always have a testimony!” He doesn’t have cartilage in his knee. It was removed. He is supposed to have knee surgery but can’t afford it. He couldn’t run or jump. He just sprinted down the hall twice. There is no pain. He said, “I should be excited, but it seems like it just makes sense.”

Sarah from Redding

Sarah is a runner who has athletes’ asthma. She ran up the steps to test it out but she really won‘t know until she runs a few miles. She has a skin allergy from a hyperactive immune system that caused itchiness. She scratched herself and the redness went a way a lot quicker and it doesn’t itch at all.

Renee from Mexico

She has had a sore tailbone for a year and a half. She fell, and she thinks that is what caused it. She has been here for two weeks and received much prayer. Today He healed it. She is so pain free. She hurt her elbow at the same time and it is pain free, too. She goes back tomorrow to Mexico. Her kidneys must be healed because they feel lighter.

Meadow from Orangevale

Her back and neck were bothering her from a car accident in December 200. She was out of work for two and a half months and had to step down from her ministry. She also received a brain injury from the accident. She hasn’t been able to raise her head back or she would black out. She can do it now. She also suffers from PTSD, but now she has peace.

Marilyn from Salem, OR

She came for several things. Her left wrist was hurting. When she was awaiting prayer, someone had a word of knowledge about wrists being healed and her wrist stopped hurting. She has had heart problems like a flutter in the heart and was feeling pressure. She couldn’t hold her neck up while waiting and realized it was the presence of God. She will let us know after she sees her heart specialist. Her balance is better.

Jochen from Germany

The week before last he had a lot of pain in his hip. They started their trip here in San Francisco and they walked all over San Francisco for two or three days. The hip pain is also hereditary. They broke that off. After the morning service, at the end a lady prayed for him, and the pain didn’t have any chance.

Lynn from San Diego

Lynn has a dowager’s hump on her neck and it was starting to make her bow. It’s genetic and it appeared three years ago. It’s flat now and there is no fat tissue. They prayed over a skin disease called linear morphea she has that turns the skin to scar tissue. They prayed for her and two people said they saw baby powder and God is turning her skin into baby skin. It’s already like baby skin on her side. The scar tissue on the surface is gone and it’s getting softer on her knee. It started about a year ago. That all and the diabetes came at one time. She will let us know about that diabetes. A young girl in the encounter room said, “I feel like God is doing something where your neck is.” Lynn felt such a glory on her.

Keveta from Nicaragua

She received healing from her knee pain on her left lateral meniscus. Her joint surfaces of both knees are worn out. God has lifted off the word curses and lies spoken against her and she feels freedom and renewal of what God has called her to do in Nicaragua. He has given her peace. God lifted off a burden of grief from losing people she loves.

Gloria from Redding

She came for prayer for her varicose veins and ankle pain. She had lower back pain yesterday. God is touching her and she feels a progressive healing going on, so she is going to the Encounter Room to let God finish what He is doing.

Connie from Ukiah

She needed healing for her back. She had a torn rotator cuff and and two bulging disks in her back and tenseness in her jaw. She feels relaxed like shedoes when she takes a muscle relaxer and she didn’t take anything. The tenseness in her jaw is gone. She had scratched her eye and she can see clearer now. She could see brightness as she was lying there with her eyes closed.

Shelly from Redding

She had TMJ and the Lord healed it ten years ago but her jaw always clicked. It’s been starting to hurt again since two weeks ago. After prayer, it is not clicking and there is no pain in her jaw and she can open it wider all the way now. Before it would stop at a certain point. It started hurting again two weeks ago.

Andy from Klamath Falls, OR

He had a breakthrough and release from a burden he was carrying from many countries around the world and being exposed to suffering and pain. He went through the process of letting that go and letting the Lord carry that burden. He believes carrying that burden was connected to chronic back pain he was suffering from. They prayed for his back after he let go, and they had his leg out and you could see one was longer than the other and he watched and felt one leg grow and then come into line. His back feels like it does after he goes to the chiropractor and gets adjusted.

Prayer Servant Reports

Someone’s tailbone pain went away.

A man’s knee pain left partially, he felt loved and said he is very glad he came.

Every time he leaned on his swollen elbow, a man would have pain. Both the elbow pain and soreness in his throat left after prayer.

A man received a 50% decrease in his jaw pain and partial improvement in his injured vocal cords.

Pain left the stomach of a woman who received prayer for acid reflux and digestive problems.

A man’s leg grew out a half inch and he said he felt great. He felt level.

A lady who has been coming to the Healing Rooms since October has noticed her skin has been getting better and better.

A lady had a 45-minute prayer session with Steven after receiving prayer in the Healing Rooms. She experienced breakthrough and lots of freedom from lies, condemnation, self-hatred. She left feeling more freedom and feeling loved.

A lady with fibromyalgia had a partial release from pain in her arms.

A man received partial improvement in his hearing loss.

A man received his prayer language along with hope and joy.

A lady forgave some people and herself. She encountered Jesus in a memory in which He replaced the lie of abandonment with His truth.

The metal dissolved out of a man’s mouth following a corporate word of knowledge. His toe, broken and swollen from being jammed, is almost completely better. His wrist that he broke a few years ago is mostly better.

A person with cirrhosis (and on a transplant list) experienced a considerable reduction in pain in her mid-section as she fell under the Spirit.

A woman who got “saw jaw” from three crowns in Oct. 2009, has no more pain in her jaw and received prophetic words that ministered to her.

The enlarged lymph node in a woman’s armpit decreased in size.

A man’s leg grew out a bit and. His hips were re-aligned and now there is no back pain.

A man received prayer for diverticulitis and his stomach is better than before.

Since her last visit for prayer about the cancerous growth on her liver, the growth has not increased.

A man with seasonal allergies felt lighter in his chest.

A gentleman who wanted his hearing restored can hear 20% better in one ear.

The numbness in a lady’s hand(?) from scoliosis partially left, replaced by heat.

The eyesight of a man with cataracts improved; he was able to read very small print.

A girl’s leg grew out and the pain in her back and hips lessened.

A man’s cold was 90% healed.

A man’s sore throat is less sore.

A guy who wrote that he was here to “get whacked” got whacked!

A woman received back pain relief and restoration in her spirit.

Someone received the baptism in the Holy Spirit and much restoration and inner healing.

The bump on a man’s back decreased by 50%.

A lady‘s knee pain went from a 5 to a 3.

The shaking stopped for a woman who was shaking from low blood sugar. She felt her blood sugar rise. Arthritic pain in her hand stopped and pain from tendonitis in her arm diminished to a level two.

A word of knowledge revealed that a woman is a worship dancer who has been sidelined by injuries to her hip joint and neck. The prayer team broke off the spirit of trauma and the dance team danced over her. She was greatly touched and received a measure of healing in her hip.

A woman with tinitis left with no pain in her ear and less soreness in her throat.

A lady could walk without limping after prayer.

The ringing in a man’s ears ceased.

All pain in a lady’s shoulders and head left.

A girl’s blood sugar went up and her shaking stopped.

A man received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.

A man received prayer for acne and his face started looking better.

A lady’s left leg was shorter and her left pelvis lower when she stands. After she received prayer, both were even with the right side.

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