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Yah God

Healing Rooms August 28, 2010

Prayer Recipient Testimonies

Today was special. Prayer servants noted that there were lots of emotional healings. One noticed that everyone she prayed for went out under the power of the Holy Spirit; another commented that everyone was touched today. The testimony writer observed that people were especially touched by the Holy Spirit and that they spoke of their experiences today with awe. Also, several testified to the utter accuracy of the prophetic words they had received. Thepresence of the Lord was strong on everyone.

Julita, El Paso, TX

*Julita is 90 yrs old. For 20 years, her hearing has been deteriorating. Julita’s daughters bought her a hearing aid, but she refused to use it. In order for her to hear, people had to raise their voices right next to her ear. In the Encounter Room, the prayer servant on the microphone prayed that deafness would be healed; instantly, after the prayer, Julita heard her daughter call her name in a normal voice about three to four yards away.

Rod from SoCal

*Rod's back was a "mess" he says. His left leg was shattered six years ago in a motorcycle accident. The doctors put it back together again, so one (the left) was 3/4's inch shorter than the other. The leg straightened out again today (grew out). The pain is gone.

Nicole from Sacramento

*Nicole had really bad neck and back pain that she woke up with two days ago. "It was horrendous." She couldn't even move her neck. She had prayer yesterday and it was a little better, but she still had tenseness in her muscles. She received prayer and felt like she was getting a deep tissue massage up her back and down her shoulder. (None of the prayer servants were touching her.)"It's still burning," she said. There is no pain. The pain is completely gone. She's enjoying moving around.

Wakako, OR

*Wakako was experiencing shooting back pain from the drive down. When the prayer servant with the microphone looked her in the eye and talked to her, she felt the presence of God come over her body and all her pain left.

Dale, Ca

Dale has had sinus problems for 25 years now. He’s already had one corrective surgery and was scheduled for a second surgery in late October. He received prayer today, and a prayer servant had insight on the spiritual implication behind the infection. The root of the sinuses was exposed, and he received freedom in the spiritual realm. The Lord told him he didn’t need to accept the infections anymore. He received inner freedom and feels released in his destiny.

Ruth Ann, Ca

Ruth Ann has had thyroid cancer reports from the doctor and a lot of emotional turmoil. She feels free from performance and feels free inside. She will hear more news about the thyroid cancer when she gets more work. She is off her thyroid medicine and doctors say she shouldn’t be able to walk right now, but she feels fine.

Jeannie, NV

Jeannie has been suffering from gastroparesis. During the prayer time, she felt pain free and an overwhelming sense of peace.

Jacqueline from AL

Jacqueline said she felt the Holy Spirit for the first time. She felt his presence while receiving prayer.

Jim from Thousand Oaks

Everything that was spoken was just what God has been telling him about healing prayer for five or six years—what the Lord's really been showing him. He is filled with peace, and his heart is finally free. Something was happening inside, but it's much more than he can grasp, and it's going to continue. "It's the breakthrough finally," he said, "It's stunningly beautiful." It was fun talking to him because I could see the presence of the Lord on his countenance and he was so sure to have been greatly affected by what the Lord was doing in him.

Shauna from Seattle

God is setting Shauna free inside. Where there was a spirit of fear and heaviness, they are gone. There is space to move and breathe and have her being. The Lord is there and there is space to be herself. Freedom. There is peace. Her back is way better. He muscles are loose. Cerebral palsy made them tight, but they are loose now.

Bill from GA

Bill feels great. The prayer he received last night was wonderful as well as the prayer in the Healing Rooms for the last month. He believes he was healed of acid reflux, borderline case of sugar diabetes and sinus drainage. He's walking it out. The prayer last night clinched it for him. He want up for prayer, and it was like he went to a specialist. The prayer servant had just the right words. He stood there for 3 or 4 minutes listening. He was so precise when he prayed. He also spoke to Bill's soul prosperity and prayed about hindrances against ministry. Bill got a sense that this is the clincher. Bill is a minister. He also finished writing his book while here.

Joe from San Diego wrote, "I experienced such a presence of God today, starting in the Encounter Room, with music that just heals! Again in the prayer room, the presence! God just did some emotional stuff in me. That's all I know. Thank you!"

Magdalena from Louisville, KY

Magdalena received prayer for healing. She can't check anything, but she thinks her leg grew, so they are the same length. The prophetic words she received were right on target. Her house is a refuge. For years she has been praying to see and carry the glory. The prayer servant called her a "Glory Spreader" and the other prayed her house would be a house of glory. They prayed she would receive the anointing for body parts. The words and the presence of the Lord were so powerful .

Heidi from San Leandro

Heidi really believes she received healing of her headaches and fear. The tension in her shoulders is gone. She had a knot in there for months. She was told to receive and not strive.

Dave from Sea Tac, WA

Dave received prayer for arthritis in his back and for some physical systems damaged due to radiation treatment from prostate cancer in March. The prognosis is not clear. He believes God for healing

A Bethel woman has been coming in for really serious stuff. This week she ran into one of her dear friends who started making declarations, the same ones she was making over herself. Her blood pressure is normal for the first time in months. Her blood sugar is coming down. She still sometimes gets diagnoses and has two biopsies this week. Coming here has encouraged her to make declarations over her life and health. Her kidneys are coming back in line.

Michael from Redding wrote, "I got words of comfort. It helped me be more open for what God has for me."

A lady has been experiencing chronic pain in her mouth for two and a half years. She had to have brain stem surgery, but still has pain. Before coming here, she received a great inner healing from childhood wounding and a healing in her 30-year marriage. She awoke with a vision of dancing for joy over the issue during her counseling session. She came here to be pain free without meds.

Prayer Servant Reports

Pedro from Orland

*Pedro had difficulty swallowing. He had swelling in his throat and a lot of pain off and on for two years that he couldn't get rid of, and he had problems with bronchial infections. The pain went away and he could swallow with no problem.

Juan from Orland

*Juan broke his wrist about a year ago and had no strength or mobility in it. He had constant pain. After they prayed for a few minutes, most of the pain went away, and he had partial mobility in his wrist, and his wrist continued to get stronger all the time. The pressure on his grip increased. He also had pain in his head and back that went away.

(They couldn't speak English, so we hope to call them with someone who speaks Spanish and get their full testimonies. These two testimonies (of Pedro and Juan) were reported by Charlie.)

*A woman who couldn't hear well before can now hear from a distance.

*A lady received prayer for (among other things) her toenail that was partially on, and gold dust appeared around her toenail when the prayer servant removed her hand from it. She said, "I feel like a real Christian now."

*An Osgood Schlatter bump under someone's knee started melting off.

*A man had a leg tumor and something wrong with his heart (undiagnosed because he can't afford medical care). After he was 20 minutes on the floor with the Lord, there was no more "pitter patter" going on in his heart, and the tumor had shrunk so much, he had trouble finding it.

*A little girl asked, "My little toe doesn't bend? Can you pray for that?" After she received prayer, her toe could bend.

A woman with a tethered spinal cord felt a snap in the Encounter Room, and she is claiming what the Lord has begun.

A girl said that doctors had told her that her head and shoulders were twisted wrong. The prayer servant asked her if she had ever suffered trauma. She said that she had once fallen from a horse and had also been dropped as a baby. God removed the effects of the trauma and she had peace.

Two men who had ringing in the ears were freed from that.

A man who had had a rough life came in with his back hurting from a recent accident. The prayer servant said, "The Father's love was in every part of his body. All he could do was experience it." The Lord told the prayer servant, "Tell him 'I love you, honey.'"

The headache left a man who had come in with brain cancer.

A woman's psoriasis is noticeably better.

A Bethel woman's tooth was healed.

A lady felt Jesus kissing her forehead.

A man felt he had received direction.

A lady had some improvement in her hearing.

A leg of a woman with scoliosis grew out an inch. She forgave her dad and received the Father's blessing from one of the prayer servants.

In addition, the prayer servants reported the following:

Baptism of the Holy Spirit






Falling out under the power


Feels better


Feels lighter


Forgave someone/self


Freedom or Relief


Generational curses


Heat or warmth


Hope or Encouragement




Inner Healing




Pain Reduction (COMPLETE)


Pain Reduction (some)




Presence of God


Prophetic word


Touched by God/whacked


Improved mobility




Breathe better


Leg grew out


Experienced God's love


The body parts receiving reduction or complete freedom from pain were 13 backs, two knees, five necks, three shoulders and one of each of the following: lung, finger, foot, hand, head, throat.

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