Sunday, August 15, 2010

Art in Bethel's Healing rooms

I love the freedom in the healing rooms at Bethel Church. The role I play in the healing rooms is a painter and a prayer servant. I have to confess that I've come when I'm not scheduled just to soak and enjoy the atmosphere.
Here's some art from my time in the healing rooms this summer...

::Title: "Portal of Grace"

::Dimensions: 3 16x20 canvases (triptych)

::Medium: Acrylic on Canvas, with UV gloss Varnish

::Date:Painted in the Healing Rooms at Bethel 6/12/10

When praying for healing, or anytime that we are praying for heaven to invade earth, it's all about partnering with the Holy Spirit. God is infinitely creative! He stays the same but what He is currently doing changes. It's not about formulas, It's about relationship. People have been known to be healed when we've had them stand in a certain place in the room. "Portal of Grace" is about just that.

It's a triptych- a three painting painting- I saw the image during the pre-prayer time before we opened up the healing rooms to the public. In a closed vision I could see that streams of light were coming down in different places through out the room. I knew that they were angels dispensing grace for healing. About that time Joaquin Evens lead a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to come and reveal to the prayer teams how to partner with Him rather than follow a formula and also to reveal where to have people stand so they would be healed without us even praying for them. Because I was assigned to painting that week, I decided to put down on canvas what I was seeing.

The next painting was Painted the Saturday following Hem of His Garment Healing conference.

::Title: "Tree of Life"

::Dimensions: 2 16x20 canvases (diptych)

::Medium: Acrylic on canvas with UV gloss varnish

::Date:Painted in the Healing Rooms at Bethel 7/24/10

A woman approached me while I was painting Tree of Life and gasp. She said that she saw this tree in heaven in her garden. She was all excited. She said that when standing under it looking out the other direction was the ocean. I've had several people come up to me and say that this tree looks really familiar, like they have seen it before. It reminded me a lot of Africa while I was painting it.

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