Saturday, March 6, 2010

Owls-warriors of the night

This last year Kris Vallotton prophesied, “I feel like the Lord is changing the mascot of this season from the eagle to the owl because the owl is nocturnal, lives in the night, can see the eternal and knows who’s who”

-The next day Kris was meeting with a rapper whose on VH1 named Amad. Kris prophesied over him that he’s meant to be a prophet to the nations and that God has been giving him a sign to show him this. Amad told Kris how white owls kept swooping down and almost hitting him as he drove or walked and he knew it was the Lord trying to get his attention.

- Brian and Jen Johnson (our main worship leaders at Bethel) keep seeing white owls along with many others. In the night season the owl can see what is meant to destroy and he not only destroys it but it brings him nourishment. It has 270 degree vision as it turns its head around and can see far even in low light

-Gary saw a white owl about two months ago as we were driving. It swooped down over our wind shield after a church meeting one night.

Owls represent Christians moving in the prophetic with wisdom as they see past the dirt in peoples lives and discover the gold. Kinda like going into the enemies camp incognito and setting the POW's free, specifically in the realms of influence in society. Owls looks like a people strategically infiltrating the mountains of society, and gaining influence that affects society as a whole. Transformation happens to the mountain along the way as the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our God.

We are like sheep among wolves who are hungry for who we are. We are leaven in the loaf of society that permeates every part and brings life. Innocent as doves, but shrewd as serpents.

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I don't know who is behind this video or if its any good, but it is interesting considering the significance of owls during this season.


Anonymous said...

I certainly agree & think that this is awesome! An owl has been sitting in a tree directly outside our kitchen window for about a month now..and it's certainly not normal :)

Anonymous said...

I just did a search to check what kind of owl it is that is on the tree outside our's called a 'Spotted Eagle Owl'!!!!!!
How hectic is that!

Anonymous said...

Looked out my kitchen window at 1:00 pm today and there was an owl perched atop my pergola, looking right at me through my window. I took many pictures as he posed in his excellence. I know GOD is here and trying to tell the whole world something. We need to see beyond the darkness, beyond the layers of deceit in the world and do wonderful things in the Name of Jesus. I was so touched by this sighting and will keep my EYES open to more of what Jesus is trying to convey to me.