Friday, January 8, 2010

Prophetic Art- "We are his Masterpiece"


Esthi Schuepbach said...

Wow! This is very touching and sooooo true! Thank you God for making each and every one on this planet so special - just because you are the one making us!

The Ostranders said...

Yay, God!!

Eric Jessen said...

Really cool painting! Just for my clarity, though, how is this prophetic? I'm didn't track that part but I might just not be familiar with the lingo.

The Ostranders said...

Sorry Eric, we've been a little busy. The painting is prophetic because it communicates the Father's heart for his people. It was what God was saying that day, to those viewing it. The painting was created in faith and still releases a revelation of His goodness even after the original message has been communicated for a particular moment in time. It still can speak to our hearts and bring life. Much like a recorded word of prophecy kept for years and fulfilled more than once, can still bring life to us and others who hear it.

Funny enough, if that's not out there enough for you. I heard a pretty trippy testimony just yesterday about God using a painting to release supernatural healing. The painting was a prophetic declaration of what God was about to do. Wether in a closed or open vision, I do not know, but someone saw a lighting bolt come out of the painting and hit a woman seated in the audience in the stomach. Later they found out the woman had stomach cancer and at that moment God had completely healed her. Apparently God released healing for this woman through His people partnering with Him and communicating His heart through art. Weird, yet wonderful and glorious at the same time.

I hope this answers your question.
There is also what some call worship art, which is more like intercession by nature. It celebrates who God is and invites him to come. It's like singing praise and worship except its through art. Man communicating to God verses God using someone to communicate to man.
There is a lot of cross over between the two.