Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Update

Hello, family and friends.
We are excited to share with you all that is going on up here, but know it is not possible to fully describe the goodness of God we have been experiencing. To those of you who have suggested that we have blogitis, yes it is true -these last six weeks have been tremendous and a lot to process. Thank you for your patience. We think this blog should have been called AJourneyOfFaith instead of GaryandJessica.

Some highlights from the last six weeks...

-Gary got a part time job at KRCR, the local news station, as a camera man and editor.

-The arrival of our Swiss house mates, Gabriel and Damaris Baldinger. She was selected as one of the worship leaders out of many who auditioned this year. It has been great hosting the worship team and other colorful international guests that find their way to our home. They have really been a delight and a blessing.

-The Jamie Rohrig's wedding-Congradulations!- it was great fun and an honor to share in the event as videographers and friends.

-Gary was offered a part time job with Bethel's I.T. department-running cameras, live streaming, etc. which translates into a work scholarship for him. We had no way of paying for school until the day before school started when he was offered this opportunity. We are making Jessica's tuition payments in installments until Christmas. God is so faithful.

-The starting of school-woo-there are over a thousand first years alone and a large number of married couples and families.
So much is going on it is too much to describe, ... the presence of the Holy Spirit, world renown speakers, impartation, {affirmation-expansion-as well as paradigm shifts in our theology}, really awesome books (we are already on our fourth in addition to reading through the Bible), the starting of AMTs -advanced ministry training, and outreach- we find out this week where we are assigned, home groups, small groups, revival groups, prayer, awesome main sessions, and weekend services.

- Jessica's first gallery showing of her art at the Coffee Gallery on North Lake, in Pasadena. Thanks Dad for doing the installation. The artwork will be up until Oct. 30.

ALOT has been going on- but is has been so good and God is so faithful, we have some pretty crazy stories to tell about God working in ways so outside our box of who we think He is. It would take up too much space to write about them all here, so we guess we'll have to come visit you, or you come visit us (we have a guest room...) We will end this post with the...
You know you are at a School of Supernatural Ministry if...

-there were so many healings on your revival retreat it is ridiculous.
-At least 35 people get baptized on Sunday night every month (they simply baptize people on stage during worship to save time.)
-The 24-7 prayer house, really is 24-7
-There is a traffic jam in the church parking lot every day
-You try out for the dance team totally drunk in the Holy Spirit.
-You haven't stopped shaking since last week
-You have activities at school that require words of knowledge and prophecy to complete
-You can get out of a lecture session by getting the speaker drunk in class
-When your friends idea of a good time is treasure hunting
-You are overwhelmed by God's goodness on a daily basis, and pre-christians seek you out to ask about your church and God.

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