Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Funner than Fiction

Wow, it was great to see our family and our Living Water's family in Pasadena this last weekend. We made it safely home last night. The performance went well, it turned out we had been booked for the Hollywood film festival Gala Reception. Gary was a handsome centurion battling gladiators on floating island in the middle of the pool. Ironically Jessica scared a reaction out of Zachary Quinto, Hero's ambiguous villain, Sylar, as she suddenly came to life as Roman marble statue. Fun, fun.
School it just amazing. The focus through out this first semester so far is on developing a private history with the Lord. We are being taught the principle that personal revival always precedes corporate revival. It is exciting being apart of a class of students seeking the Lord for his kingdom to be manifest on the earth as we first experience his presence in our prayer closets and go through personal transformation. Momentum is gaining each week as we come together as a body of believers. The energy of excitement is building and becoming electric. Friday, spontaneous praise and worship erupted in class for 45 minutes. There was no worship band or singers, but His presence filled the sanctuary as a thousand plus students stood in unity and experienced a little bit of heaven. Pastor Bill was scheduled to speak, but honored the move of the spirit and stood or knelt in silence at the podium. Someone was healed of a neurological disorder and others of wrist pain, near the end of worship. Pastor Bill ended up with only about five minutes to speak, and spoke about honoring others when they recognize the Holy Spirit moving. We are excited about this coming week and look forward to future updates.

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